Thursday, December 16, 2010

A new life begins

When one is inspired there is not much you can do about it. But what you can do about it is to act on that inspiration. I chose to act instead of sit and do nothing. I have wanted to explore a different side of art and to bring something different to my work. I am known for making functional pieces ( clocks, lamps, home decor) of art. I, however, want to break out of that. To become better and more versatile artist is a dream that had to start somewhere. This whole idea of bringing my feelings and emotions into my art has been nothing but a concept in my mind. I didn't have a clear answer as to how I should go about it till now! It started with me sitting on the couch listening to some music with a sketch pad, a pen, and a bit of vodka! As I sat there and my mind cleared, it became clear that i was on to something. "This is a bit risque" I thought, well after what I saw at the last 2 art shows I attended that was the least of my worries. I wasn't even going to start building it for awhile but because of the way things went it happened the next day. So the real story begins!

My wife and I met through a crazy random set of events that confirms our belief in a higher power. I won't get religious on you here but we believe we met because we were supposed to, and a higher power set it up. Our energy was powerful and really seemed to match phase when we met, meaning things really just worked for us. We have wanted to have kids from the very start and it was a dream of mine for a long time as well. Most people don't really think about how and why everything happens, but I tend to often. Sitting on the couch that night I realized that it was quite amazing that we were bringing a new life into this world! This was what I was going to show, and I didn't care what anyone thought.
So here it is, a symbolic show of our winding lives and how they came together at one point. Thus enabling us to change the world by bringing a new life into it. It is also symbolic of the biological process involved. The sperm on its path to find the egg and set in motion the creating of a new life. My emotions as I sat there and thought about this were intense, something so small and unseen is changing my life in untold ways. I had to show this in a way that was visible to anyone who cared to look. For them to look past this "giant aluminum sperm" and think about the meaning behind it. That's what art is supposed to do, make you stop and think! To cause an emotional response at some level, and to move you. Look beyond the physical and stare into the depths of your own mind. Think about how life works, that one microscopic spark of life, that changed your world. This my friends is the beauty of art! Through it we all have the power to effect our own thinking and emotions and to show others this in a physical form.

Another thing that excited me about this project was that I take objects and make them into something greater. The combined energy is greater than the individual energies added together. Its a synergy just like with people, the baby is of a greater energy than the two parts that made it. I also wanted to stay true to my medium which is mostly found objects and materials. Branching off into another medium didn't feel right. I have taken this junk and gave it a new life with a greater purpose and power than it would have had. All the metal is aluminum and is up cycled from various places. The base and top are from the scrap yard Hoosier metals and the rod is from Huth Tool & Machine Corp. The small piece of wood is scrap oak from other projects. I am looking to get this piece into several different galleries in Fort Wayne and at the moment am not sure if I will be selling it. If i do have it for sale it will most likely just be local and not through my etsy shop. Thank you for reading and I would love to hear your comments!
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