Wednesday, June 23, 2010


So tonight on my way home I saw something that just set me off! I won't go into the details but WTF kind of world do we live in where people are just slobs? Maybe it was just a long boring day at work or the general disdain for certain things lately, but I got mad. So I got myself worked up for my impeding workout and I sure made it a good one! I put some rage juice on my ipod and flogged away! The more painful the workout the more I like it. I probably get some weird looks when I go to the YMCA and brutalize myself. I know I get a crazy grin on my face the more it hurts. But that's ok, I know that pain will only hurt so much and then it goes away. You might see this as crazy but that's just me. I have always been a "mutant" as some people call me. I always push myself as hard as I can just to see if I can break myself. It hasn't happened yet. Some of you might be a bit surprised at all this! This is an outlet for who I am under the calm emotionless face and "Mr. Nice Guy" so sorry if you had some grand impression of who I was. I am not always nice or PC! I realized lately that I was not going to let somethings come between me and what i really love. 1st is my Wife and then cycling and working out. I love art and building things but I realized quick that it wasn't staying fun and was ruining my life. I was making it something i didn't want it to be and that's come to an end. I will be doing things differently these days.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

new to blogging!

Well this is all new to me but I decided to go ahead and make the plunge! After a recommendation from someone I respect and who also blogs here i am. Now I do not profess to be a great writer or that I will make profound statements, but I will be ME! I will be posting whats going on with my etsy shop on a regular basis with pictures and small talk. Who knows I may get into doing more in depth things as well like interviews! The name of my blog is top secret, and in time you will find out its true meaning! Well welcome to my blog and I hope you come back and check on what I am up to! And check out my Etsy shop and Facebook Fan Page.