Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mindless Ramblings

As I sit here and wonder why somethings happen I am forced to realize it all has a purpose. There is a purpose for all energy in this world. It cant be created or destroyed and sometimes we can control it, mostly we cant. This energy I try to harness in productive ways and some of it is channeled into my art. I want each piece to breathe and have a life separate to mine. It has to stand on its own without me. Maybe that sounds crazy to you, maybe not but for me it's how I work. I am just lost in thought right now and trying to make sense of the swirling thoughts as they pass my eyes. Where will the inspiration come from this time? What shape will spark a fire in my mind? What direction will each decision take me, what has fate laid out for my life? Should one even take the time to ponder these things or should you just let it flow? I guess I do both, but the best thing I feel is to just let it flow. Don't over think anything, accept the path and remain positive. That works best for me. Ultimately your energy and believing, negative or positive will dictate your direction in life. If you find yourself stricken with bad things, check your mind! What are your thoughts? What are you actions? Remember thoughts dictate actions, and actions speak louder than words! Well I may have rambled along far enough, so remember to stay positive. It takes work and practice but keep at it. It WILL change your life! It has changed mine and it has therefore changed my art!

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