Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ostlund Custom Works New Release

Well here it is, the anticipated release of my new work! I have been busy in the shop for about 2 weeks now and have decided to do some things differently. I will be releasing groups of work rather than one at a time. I am also thinking about doing sets of pieces that all go together in a category. You are going to start seeing some things you didn't expect from me! Like the above clock "Curvilinear Abstract" Lets just say I have been inspired a bit!

This clock is more than a clock! It is a stunning piece of functional wall art and is HUGE! I call this clock "Curvilinear Abstract" This was a sudden inspiration I had one morning while looking at my two of my favorite artists online. The first of which is April with Lucas Leaf Creations she makes the most amazing concrete castings using real leaves! The colors and color combinations just grab you and you can't resist staring! I own one of these leaves and I can tell you that pictures do not do it justice. It is quite mesmerizing actually, I just look at it and feel its energy.

The second person is actually a fashion designer but she is an artist none the less! What she does with silk.... the silk worm wishes it could do! Her colors and patterns are in your face and spicy! The styles she comes up with are what true high fashion is all about. Marina L Makaron of MMM (Marina Makaron Moscow) really knows how to get it done! So what this all comes down to is I have been inspired by these people and when you look at their work you will understand why.

"Curvilinear Abstract" is a Huge clock! It is 4ft tall and 6in wide in the center. The aluminum rods are also 4ft long and are upcycled aluminum from Huth machine shop here in Ft Wayne. It uses a high torque movement to turn those long hands! The minute hand is 22.5in long and the hour hand is 18in long. You will really make a statement with this clock on your wall.

This new wall clock uses extruded aluminum air cylinder tubing for the body and a painted face. This deep blood red face was an experiment for me and it turned out great. It is a combination of two different spray paints I had around the shop. It features a continuous sweep clock movement which is my favorite. It has a nice smooth motion instead of the ticking type associated with most clocks. I have to say that this Gothic style is something out of the ordinary for me but it really works. The serpentine hands I had in my "clock stuff box" and they just never fit anything till now. I love it when a plan comes together.

"sexy pendulum"

This next clock is called "Red in the Face" and you can see why! I am going to start with the pendulum because I think it's really cool! It is delicate and even sexy, and is made of a slice of extruded aluminum air cylinder tubing and aluminum rod. I love having more moving elements in my work and a pendulum really does that. The red insert in the bob section really catches your eye! I think you almost start there and then work your way up to the clock. This time I decided to go big with the body and used a much bigger piece. It is an unusual look and really stands out! (no pun intended) This piece also has the Ostlund Custom Works engraved signature plate and title plate included.

Simple is best sometimes! These tea light candle holders are simple but elegant and the perfect accent for your home. These slices of extruded air cylinder tubing from PHDinc are just right for mixing cold metal and hot flame. The ambiance of a candle flame is hard to beat. An interesting shape and multiple facets lends itself to being placed and arranged in many ways. These sets will be in regular production and not one of a kind pieces!

My love for lamps continues here with this cute little MCM style flicker flame bulb night light. The flicker flame bulb is on of my favorites bulbs for its unique flickering filament that mimics a flame. I have this lamp shown here in my son Liam's room on his dresser it is also made of extruded aluminum air cylinder tubing from PHDinc. I really love this material because of its amazing shape and great versatility in my art.

Now here is my second necklace I have made. It is a thin slice of the same tubing I use for a lot of other things, just a smaller diameter. I filed and polished this pendant pretty well but I didn't want to get away from my style so there are still nicks and scratches in it. I don't like to over process anything and my jewelry will be no different. It is an industrial, simple and even beautiful necklace that a man or woman can wear. The closure is a loop and bead style with the bead made from aluminum rod upcycled from Huth machine shop. This will be another production piece and not a one of a kind item. One last thing.....but I wont say too much, Ostlund Custom Works will be coming out with a jewelry line soon! Keep an eye out for it!

Thank you for looking at my new work and taking a bit of time to look at the links on my sidebar. You will find amazing things!!!


  1. AS always Ron I completely love reading your blog and I am very happy to see your new work! AMAZING pure talent!! Thank you for allowing my leaf art to be a part of your inspiration in creating the very gorgeous "curvilinear abstract", it is truly a breathtaking beauty!! This is such a huge compliment to me and means so much more than I can express! I see you going all the way to the top! I have found inspiration in your art too and I love that! Have confidence always in what you do, you are a master at your craft!

  2. Thank you April! You are quite the friend! I love your work and how it inspires me! I am happy I could make such a beautiful work of art! Thank you for the comment!

  3. Thanks so much Ron, you are quite the friend too!! It is good to find inspiration in fellow artists, we are all connected! Thank you for liking my art:)

  4. Fantastic, progressive, retro, and awesome (can all these words be used at once?) ... I love these pieces!

  5. @PinkGlassPalace aka Cathy yes you can use all those words together! Thank you for the comment! I appreciate your thoughts.

  6. Your new pieces are beautiful, Ron. I love curvilinear abstract - the colours are so vibrant and the shape has so much movement and energy (much like TIME does). Thanks for sharing your latest news - looking forward to more.

    *Tania @

  7. Tania thank you for looking and your comment. I respect your opinion alot! Much more will be coming!

  8. Ron, these are amazing!! I love the colors and it's great to see you try new things. I hope you get more exposure to customers and galleries, etc.!