Saturday, August 28, 2010

Finding Art

Finding art has been quite an adventure so far! It has started out with the chance meeting of just the right people. I moment in which our paths intersected that started a chain reaction. I have always been kinda interested in art but never embraced it. I always saw it as some elitist junk with people who knew better running the show. Well turns out that there is people like that in the art world but not all. Its a good thing that I met mostly people who are not "snobs". I decided that if I really wanted to take my work to the next level as far as sales and getting it known I had to mingle with "art geeks". It was something that I didn't want to do but thought I had too. Ok now, I will admit that I had some, if not many preconceived notions of who these people were! I decided I was not going to change but stick to my guns and just be me. Well that has not changed but I have opened my mind to art instead of keeping it shut out. One thing i can tell you is that I have done my best work when I stopped fighting the change and fighting "ART" but opened myself to it. I have started studying and learning where I fit and what my styles are and how to best use the abilities I have to produce what I now call art. I didn't call myself an artist before. I just said "I build stuff." Well I still build stuff, but now I really consider and believe that it is art. It has been a huge change on my part. I really didn't want to go down this path that I didn't know anything about. I really felt stupid and looked down upon by these "smarter than me artists". You know the ones with the degree! I can't say that I will ever get a degree in art, but I can tell you that I will listen and learn from someone who has! Open my mind to change and greater possibilities than I ever thought could happen. I just keep improving upon myself and my work follows!

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