Monday, November 1, 2010


So I have come to wonder in this past month, what is art? I had been pushing the business side of Ostlund Custom Works too hard. I didn't realize what I was doing except that I was starting to hate it. I was starting to prepare for a big show and it was making me crazy. So I decided to just let it go. What I thought I wanted to do didn't seem like such a good idea anymore. So I embraced the art, I let it soak in and it changed me. I used to despise art, until I got into it, until I met some amazing artists! I actually bought some art books and started studying on my own. What I started learning and seeing is amazing, and I think differently now. Its been an interesting change in my life, one that i never saw coming! So now you might ask what is on the table for me? Well I will design and build when I am inspired to do so. I will not force the creativity, or pressure myself into doing something I don't want to. If I do that I will hate it instead of love it and all this work will be for naught. Here is a poem I wrote one night at a coffee house as I was thinking about all of this stuff. There was a musician there and I was just looking around the room at shapes and colors. My candle sconces were on the wall not far from where I sat and the candles caused thought!

Coffeehouse Sketch

Uninspired ramblings fill the space between thoughts.
Mindless symphony of math, angles become undefined.
Art is what...?
Serpentine in its nature, it defies conformity.
Imagination stirred by lines, causing emotion, its tension is broken.
Piercing the soul with paint, nudging heart strings with form,
as a flame sings color in kelvin.
Plucked strings, rhythmic compressions of fluid, pneumatic vibrations fill my ears.
Yet my paper is still blank...

Ron Ostlund Jr.


  1. LOVE the poem, Ron. and I have totally been where you are.....hating certain aspects. The business aspect draining the creativity and fun right out of art. So cool that you recognized what was happening and took a step back.....

  2. Well said! Keep your art as a passion; sounds like you'll be happy that way. And the poem pulls at the you didn't know you had a talent there too!