Wednesday, August 3, 2011

G2G Jewelry

G2G model April wearing the Large Dual Ring earrings and the 3 Ring necklace.

G2G Jewelry, what is it?  What does it mean?  Well I am going to answer those questions and hopefully any other questions you have about it.  G2G Jewelry is a eco smart and fashion forward jewelry line from Ostlund Custom Works.  The base of each piece is made from scrap metal I source from machine shops and scrap yards.  The majority of it is high grade aluminum alloys used by PHDinc for making industrial air cylinders.  Some of the scrap I buy from them actually was an air cylinder at one point but most is new material cut offs or rejects.  This is metal that would go to metal recyclers for processing into "new metal" again.  I take some of this material and turn it into art and fashion accessories like the earrings and necklace pictured above on April. 

"Is it heavy?"  I get asked this question a lot, and I mean a lot! I get asked by almost by everyone despite having made efforts to tell people its light.  This jewelry is very light, much lighter than you would expect.  So light in fact that once I have told you its light and you pick up a piece you will comment "wow this is really light"  I have been told by many women who have wore my earrings that "They are so light it feels like I am not wearing anything!" 

"How do you make it?"  Well I take this scrap aluminum tubing and cut it into rings which I then finish with a file, and that's the base of each piece.  It has distinctive file marks nicks and scratches on the "raw" cut edge.  This is my style of not over processing my work.  I then add the jewelry hardware (beads, chain, cord, ear wires, clasps) and build it into a very versatile piece of jewelry.

Scrap bin at PHDinc

Dual Ring earrings
"What does it mean?"  G2G stands for Gothic to Glamorous.  It's my motto that "From Gothic to Glamorous its all Beautiful"  Meaning I believe that my line of jewelry looks great on any style and any woman.  I have been working hard at getting pieces modeled with different styles and different woman to show just how versatile it is.  Below you will see these beautiful ladies wearing the same jewelry but shown with polar opposite styles!  From glam and pretty, to hard and goth its just amazing its even the same piece! So if you are looking for wonderful handmade jewelry that is unique, wearable and just YOU,  look no further! G2G Jewelry is every woman! 

G2G Jewelry model Tawny wearing the Large Dual Ring earrings.

G2G Jewelry model Jacqueline wearing the Large Dual Ring earrings.
G2G Jewelry model Chantel wearing the Large Dual Ring necklace.
Jacqueline wearing the Large Dual Ring necklace.
Gothic Choker
Simple oval hoops

Please take a look at my website to see more of my work.  To see what is available for sale online now look at my Etsy shop. If  you want to see what some of my scrap metal was, or was going to be take a look at PHDinc  If you have questions about my jewelry line leave a comment or email me through the contact me form on my website.  Thank you for reading!


  1. Perfect explanation of your jewelry Ron! I really do love all your pieces and I'm honored to be modeling them for you! I love seeing you become successful doing what you love:)

  2. Thank you so much April for everything you have, and continue to do for me! I appreciate it tremendously.