Sunday, May 18, 2014

 And so it happened again... I got bored and sort of depressed with how my work was going.  I figured it was time to do something wild again, something to really break the mold, something really sexy!  I had an interest in body chains and body jewelry but was not sure of the direction I might go if I designed them.  After looking around at what everyone else was doing, and not doing I questioned myself.  How could I bring my style to this type of jewelry???  hmmmmm I thought, I will mix my signature hammered metal look with chains in a visually pleasing yet functional way.  Part statement piece, part body chain and a whole lot of sexy.  That was the idea anyway and I just ran with it!  
Peyton Drew wearing the first G2G Jewelry body chain! 
I contacted local model Peyton Drew and asked if she was interested in this project.  Part of the deal was to become the face of my brand in stores and on my new business cards.  She agreed and we set out to do something amazing.   This was a real turning point in my work and my thought process regarding design for woman's jewelry.  I needed to challenge myself like never before and create a piece that was not only stunning to look at but also functional and wearable.  I love the mechanics involved with designing a piece like this and making it fit so perfect and move and flow with a body in motion. Below I am going to show my process with this piece and try and give you an idea of what goes into a custom piece like this. 

This is the initial sketch and design from my first meeting with Peyton. 
Starting to do the full size layout sketches.
After a full size template fitting the design changed and evolved! 
With plans finalized its time to cut metal! 
Hammer time! 
Top and bottom pieces cut, hammered, and polished, now it's time for a fitting.
Tedious work measuring, cutting, and attaching the chain piece by piece. 
So many pieces of chain went into this! 
3 hours later and it's all done! 
From concept to reality.
Final fitting before the shoot.
On location with photographer Gloria Budiman and Model Peyton Drew.
Rocking poses with an old tractor! 
And that is how its done! 
So there it is, my most challenging piece EVER.  From the actual design, layout, and construction to the final shoot this was an intense time for me!  I was amazed at how perfectly everything fit and actually fit in real life.  Peyton could dance and jump around and this piece was just a part of her.  This was such a great way for me to break the mold and really push myself to new levels.  I can't wait to keep moving in this direction and doing wild challenging pieces.  
Now on somewhat of a side note I am starting the design process for a collection of beach wear specific body chains.  These body chains will be designed to wear with swim suits, and for the beach environment.  Here is a preview of what is coming! 
Peyton totally rocking this piece at the first prototype fitting!

Finally I want to say a big thank you to everyone involved in this project, you were all awesome! 
Photographer Gloria Budiman
Model Peyton Drew
MUA Kristy Jahn

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